Making A Commercial with Media Magic Productions

Are you curious about what goes on in the commercial making process? Here is a list of what you can expect when making your commercial!


     Meet with an MMP marketing consultant. At this time, you will discuss what the goals are you want to accomplish with the commercial-whether it be a 'Call to Action' commercial or a 'Branding' commercial. You will also discuss what audience you want to reach. From the information you give to the consultant about what you would like to accomplish, you will be advised on when and where you should run your commercial and how many times a day it should run.

  The consultant will then meet with our Media Magic Creative Team. At that time, concepts and script ideas will be discussed and a direction as to where the commercial should go will be decided. A second meeting will take place with your MMP consultant to discuss the ideas and script and get complete approval from you, the client.Once approval is given, the production team will set-up a shooting schedule and complete the pre-production process (which could include securing actors, voice over talent, props, or locations.)

     Once the commercial, or spot, has been shot, it will then go into the editing process. This is where the producer will compile all of the footage that was shot along with any graphics, animation, voice over, music, or sound effects. These elements will then be edited together to create the finished spot. Once the editing is done, an approval copy of the commercial is shown to the client. At this point, the client can give their approval, send it back for further editing, or request any changes they feel the commercial needs. After the final commercial is approved, it is put onto a master DVD data disc and shipped or uploaded to the appropriate television or cable outlets.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with one of Media Magic's advertising consultants, please contact us at the numbers below: