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What is Public Relations?

Public relations is about communication -- communication with clients, employees, stockholders, special interest groups and, of course, the media, through which a business can communicate with the outside world.                                                                          

What is Publicity, and how does it differ from advertising?

Publicity is free media exposure (newspaper articles written about your business, television or radio interviews, etc.), as opposed to advertising, which is paid by you to the particular newspaper, radio or television station..  Making good use of publicity can help you bring in the business that will bring in the bucks to do more advertising and other promotions.

Why should the media want to use my press release?

Believe it or not, publicity is a win-win situation.  Television, radio and print news and information mediums are starving for good, positive consumer or business stories to publish or air on their broadcasts. The trick is presenting your story in a way that makes a TV assignment editor or newspaper  business editor sit up and take notice.  That's where Media Magic comes in.  Many of our team members have sat at that assignment desk and know first-hand just what these good folks are searching for and how it should be pitched.  In short, we know how to create and distribute a media kit and press releases for your company that the key  decision makers in news and programming will find hard to resist.

What do Public Relations Firms Do?

Public relations agencies' basic trade is to advise clients on how to communicate effectively - a tricky business. Public relations specialists do many other things as well. For example, a public relations consultant might help a company draft a news release to let the media know about a new product or service. Or he or she might coach key executives on talking with clients or employees or the media about a specific issue. Or set up a series of speaking engagements for the company's CEO to get the company better known in the community. Sometimes a business will hire a public relations agency for help with a single project or problem, or it may seek to develop a long-term contract with an agency. The advantage of having a long-term relationship with a public relations firm is that you won't find yourself in the middle of a communications crisis trying to figure out who you should call in for help managing that crisis.



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